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Delivery Information

Bakery Cafe Pick-up: Mon-Sat 8am-3pm or at a pre-arranged times. Assumed to be 31 Totara Street Mt Maunganui unless you specify otherwise (eg 2nd Ave Cafe or Tauranga Farmers Market). 

Courier Costs: As shown on the shipping page. Prices change and are updated from time to time. It is company policy to only charge the cost of delivery. We do not aim to make profit or to subsidize courier costs. 

Let us help you: We aim to make your order and delivery throughout the North Island as easy as possible. If you place an order on the web site but are unsure about the delivery options just choose “Payment by Arrangement” as your payment option and we can arrange details with you by phone or email. Send us an email at or we will contact you once we receive your order with your contact details.

Please read our Terms & Conditions of Trade

Courier performance is not guaranteed: As bread is considered a perishable product the courier companies will not guarantee delivery unless they have made a mistake. As such unless Flaveur Breads has made an error or the Courier company is prepared to reimburse the cost of the products and delivery Flaveur Breads cannot guarantee the performance of the courier. Refund or Credit will only be offered and processed if Flaveur Breads makes and error or if reimbursement is recieved from the courier company. 

Our Breads and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  1. Imagine coming home from work and having a box of freshly baked bread ready and waiting on your doorstep. Your whole house will smell like an artisan bakery. Choose which loaves you will dig in to and which you will freeze for use later in the week. Perhaps have a bowl of soup or gourmet burgers for tea and a slice of Blueberry and Banana Superfood Loaf for dessert. Easy. Toasted Raisin Sourdough for breakfast anyone?
  2. It’s Easy: Delivery of fresh bread to your door in New Zealand is a cost effective and easy option. A carton delivery cost is minimal per loaf if the carton has a good number of loaves in it. Many customers freeze their bread on receipt and enjoy great bread as needed. 
  3. Freshness: Sourdough breads keep and freeze really well. We give our breads 4 days “best before” date from baking. In many cases delivery is same day or overnight. There is nothing like the smell of opening up your order of fresh bread. 
  4. Order/Dispatch/Receipt Times: Orders must be received by 8am the day before the breads are baked and dispatched. Please allow time  for this.

    For Example:
  • Order by 8am Monday – Bread baked Monday night and dispatched Tuesday.
  • Order after 8am Monday we will process your order and produce the breads through Tuesday night for dispatch on Wednesday.

    Depending on your location delivery may be same day/ overnight/ or longer for Rural delivery.